Saturday, May 14, 2011

Packing and moving

So, I'm moving out of my apartment a whole month before my lease is up. My boyfriend will still be there, but that means that I have to pack and move nearly everything that is mine before I move down for the CP.

It's really overwhelming, actually ):

I've been making lists and lists, trying to psych myself into getting down to business, and also to try to keep my sanity.

I basically have to pack into 3 groups:
-things I am taking on my flight to Orlando
-things I am packing to be mailed to me
and - things that I am packing to be put away into storage until I return

To make things harder, I have no car. If I had a car, I could take a couple of trips home in a week and move a lot of my things that way..... but nooooo, I have no car, so I have to rely on other people helping me, which I do have people helping me, but it sucks for everyone involved. I can't do it myself, so I feel bad that I can't self sustain at this part of my life, and I live 3 hours away, so my family driving back and forth really sucks for them

But it's coming along.

I've moved everything out of my studio space on my campus, and I have sent most of it home (and I'm actually taking the rest of it home tomorrow :) ) You wouldn't believe how much STUFF I've accumulated that I can't seem to let go of for art purposes. I did get rid of a good bit, but man, 2 trips just for the studio stuff?!?! I don't even want to THINK of all the costuming stuff I have at my apartment.... (by the way, I have another blog about my personal costuming :) Kat's Cosplay )

I'm starting to get stressed about moving and I still have 3 weekends to go!, Go figure : /

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