Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My last few days on campus

I've worked in my university's library since I was a freshman, and today is the last day I'll ever be able to work there. It's been a good, and long, five years.

Graduation didn't really sink in the fact that I would be leaving this place like it seems to have done for most people. I still had 3 weeks of working left to do, to try to earn as much money as possible before going down to florida. I still had to clean out my studio space in the art building, and turn in my keys. I wasn't finished yet.

Now, I've cleaned out my studio, turned in the the keys to my studio, and today is the last day of working at the job I've had for the pst 5 years. I love my job. Its mainly scanning and archiving the special collections held by the University. I get to see things from the collections that many people will never get to see, that is, until we scan them for the Digital Archives. It's amazing to me. Last year there was a special project in which our department scanned negatives of the local newspaper from the 1940s until the 1960s or so. I believe there were something like 15,000 of them, or some other ridiculously high number of negatives. I learned so much about local history in going through the process of scanning the items, putting them online, and checking the information and descriptions with the items.

I'm really going to miss this job. My boss has been a good friend to me, even he helped me decide where to take my stint in art school. I couldn't decide what major I wanted to be, but he helped me see that I should be in textiles, as I've loved textiles since high school… I'm not sure why I couldn't see that you could make a career out of something that you loved like that. Now I see it, and my ultimate goal is working in costuming for films or other entertainment.

 I guess you could say it's the only University related thing that I will miss. I definitely won't miss the system here, or even necessarily the campus. But I will miss my job.

I went into the art building for the last time yesterday. I have no other reason to go now. I've turned in everything that I need to turn in.
Today will be the last day i ride my beautiful bike around these neighborhoods and on campus. It will actually be the last time I ride my bike for a long time. That is very sad. I love my bike more than people generally love bikes.

On a Disney related-note: I saw Pirates of the Carribean with my boyfriend, and nearly cried when I saw the castle. It's not because I absolutely love Disney THAT MUCH, it's because I am pretty sad to be leaving my boyfriend. I was never a huge Disney-phile, as a lot of people on the CP seem to be... I rather think it would be amazing to do costuming for a huge entertainment company.

Did I make the right decision on the CP? Should I have accepted it, even thought I'm leaving him behind? I feel pretty bad/sad about it actually. :(

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  1. I think it will be a great opportunity for you and will really jump start you into a costuming career. Best of luck! I'll bet you'll look back and be glad you did it.