Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The first week and a half of being in Orlando

So I've been really busy in my first week and a half here. I'll break it down day by day :)

Monday 6/6: Check - in
Tuesday: free day to get settled
Wednesday: Traditions and Magic Kingdom
Thursday: free day ( I went to Typhoon Lagoon and Hollywood Studios)
Friday: training
Saturday: Training and Hollywood Studios
Sunday:  Training and Hollywood Studios
Monday: free day and Epcot
Tuesday: park orientation and Magic Kingdom

I've had several different classes on many different things about Disney and costuming. I've learned a lot, and I start training on my assignment tonight, which is the Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom! I'm really excited, but the shifts are 10.5 hours long each night. The good thing is that I get 3 days off each week as long as my shifts are that long :)

Let me explain some of the tinges I mentioned:
Traditions is a class about Disney, and traditions we are expected to uphold as new cast members. We learned the basic values and ideas of the park.

I had training on what we will do as costumers, and how to work the computer system that will check out costumes to cast members. I also had basic character training.

The park orientation was a more in depth day dedicated to Magic Kingdom alone, and we learned a bit about the history and ideas behind several parts of the park. We all went on rides together as well. It was a pretty fun day, actually :)

I spent so much time in Hollywood Studios because it was the last weekend of Star Wars Weekends, and I'm a huge geek, haha. It was awesome!

So that was my week. I'm starting on training tonight for the Electric Light Parade. My shifts are basically second shift, and I'll be getting home around 3 or so every night.

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