Friday, June 03, 2011

Random: Packing, Bags, and Movies

So, it's 2 days until I'm on a plane on my way to Orlando.

I've just been stressing about packing and trying to get everything together that I need to take with me or have shipped to me. I've also been trying my best to cram in visits with everyone that I know is in town before I leave for 7 months. I know a few people are planning on coming down to see me already, and are already asking for what days I have off…. (Sarah! lol)

It's been a stressful few days trying to figure out what bags i'm taking and what I'm packing to be sent to me later next week, and what I need immediately.

Bag wise, I'm not sure if I want to go the route of taking my huge checked-bag-limi sized bag, as well as my carryon-limit-sized bag. Both are rolling bags. Instead of the carryon-limit-sized-rolling bag, I got this cheap duffel bag that ends up being a biiiit too small, but I can under pack it and cram it into the overhead bin…. I think. I'm not even sure. The only two times I flew were 1) on a tiny plane where there were NO carryon bins, and 2) on my way to India where all we did was check a huge backpack, and carry a tiny backpack that fit under the seat in front of me…. we didn't even deal with the overhead bins.  I do plan on having that tiny backpack as my "personal item" for the flight so there's that.
I can't find any cheap non-rolling carry on bags, it seems. The smallest one I saw under $40 was  the duffel bag I ended up getting.I mean, If I want to spend $40 instead of $15, I guess I can go back and get that nice sturdy carry on thing (shaped like a hard case messenger bag, sort of)

I just felt like making a post, and here it is, about bags and random packing, haha

I'm taking a few random things, such as my Brobee pillow that my boyfriend gave me recently, as well as the vinyl Brobee he gave me several years ago as a Christmas gift…. (I love that character's design, and it's easy to get me gifts, I guess, lol) I'm also taking a Pokemon plush (Minncinno) that my sister got me on her trip to disney. :)
A friend actually gave me my first Vinylmation this past weekend (which I'm also taking ), and it was one I have been eyeballing online! It is the Jellyfish from the underwater series…. the first in a long line of figures I'll be collecting, I predict! lol! I'm basically visiting Disney for the first time, you know!

I'm also taking my French card game, Mille Bornes If anyone wants to try to learn  to play with me, let me know :) It's played as if you are in a car and you're racing the other players, giving each other obstacles such as flat tires or speed limits, and you have to reach 1000 miles (the name os the game ) before everyone else in order to win!

I'm taking only a few books, and 24 DVDs (the size of the case I bought, haha). I tried to pick out my favorites, but also movies people most likely haven't seen, so I can expand some movies horizons while I'm in Florida… I LOVE movies, in case you didn't know! Also a select few books that I never got to finished reading, or are new: Naked Lunch (someone lost my place, and it's a really confusing book, so I thought I'd just start over…), Slumdog Millionaire (new), The Internet is a Playground (new, and HILARIOUS. I've seen the website, and now I can read this anywhere, Thanks Sarah! ), and Fear Nothing (never finished, lost time due to senior year…. twice, haha)

Go after the cut to see the movies I'm bringing, in case you wanted to know, haha:

* = I'm on the fence about these… if anyone actually reads this let me know if I should or shouldn't bring it, and if I  should bring something else instead :)

1.    The Fall
2.    28 Days Later
3.    28 Weeks Later
4.    Moon
5.    The Brothers Bloom
6.    The Darjeeling Limited
7.    The Road to El Dorado
8.    Millennium Actress
9.    IT Crowd Season 1
10.    IT Crowd Season 2
11.    Sherlock Holmes
12.    Speed Racer *
13.    The Cell
14.    Sunshine
15.    The Prestige
16.    The Princess Bride
17.    The Fifth Element
18.    A Tale of Two  Sisters
19.    Hot Fuzz
20.    Shoot ‘Em Up *
21.    Iron Man *
22.    Fur
23.    Smokin’ Aces *
24.    Hellboy *

-    Does anyone care about Speed Racer?
-    Smokin' Aces and Shoot 'Em Up feel really similar to me, both being pretty ridiculous action/comedy type movies… but I love both, and doubt many people have heard of either
-    Hellboy is good to me, but I'm not sure if anyone else will care…
-    Will other people be bringing Iron Man? Should I waste a precious movie slot bringing mine?

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