Saturday, March 05, 2011

The beginning of my journey! I really hope it happens!

Ok, I'm keeping this on the down-low, but I applied to the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World.
 I just don't want to get everyone's hopes up that I'll be working for Disney, or hear the negative opinions of a few people that I know will try to rain on my parade until I can shove it in their faces! :)
I just needed to tell someone, even if no one ever sees this. I have an interview on Monday. I never really looked into as much as I should have, and after someone from my class mentioned it, I decided to make the jump and apply.

My top choices are:
1. Costuming, which is more like wardrobe. I won't be making any costumes, but it will be killer to have on applications that I worked in costuming at Disney! 8D
2. Character attendant, which is following and helping out the furry characters around the park.
3. PhotoPass Photographer,  which would have me being one of those people who kind of make you buy photos, lol I would love to take photos all day though!
4. Merchandising,  I wouldn't mind working in the shops, and I basically applied for this position to kind of make sure that I would have a chance at the program.

Honestly, I think I'd even be up for Mousekeeping, if it were a last resort, so that I can participate with minimal guest interaction... I think there's a lot I could learn doing that as well :)

I think I will learn a lot working there, no matter where I end up!

I'm really excited, and I hope I get the internship. I've talked with Brian, and he'd live with his brother and stay in our hometown, while I move to Orlando for a semester. I'd be back soon, and it will give him a chance to save a lot so we can move to California sooner!

The program runs from either June - January or August - January, depending on position availibility and what I have preference in.  I would be living in dorm styled apartments, with all bills included, fully furnished, even with kitchenwares! It comes out to about $380 a month, and it's down the road from Disney. Transportation would be provided for the participants from the apartments to the parks in the form of busses. It's a paid internship, so I'd be making some money while I am there, although not too much.... but that's OK! I'd be having an awesome time, and can get my friends and family to come to Disney World! :D

I think it's an awesome oppurtunity, and I really want to be able to go!

As soon as I know if I am accepted, I will make a blog just for posts related to thr program and my trip there, as well as tell everyone that needs to know, haha.

The latest I'll know if I'm Accepted, Rejected, or Pending will be April 4. If it comes back pending, the lates I can find out will be April 30 ):

Here's to me getting accepted! :D

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