Tuesday, March 08, 2011


So I was really nervous about my interview for nothing! I was nervous up until the moment I answered the phone, and as soon as the recruiter (Karen) started talking to me, it all melted away!

I had prepared by typing up some responses to some questions that others have said that they were asked, and I was asked several of them as well. I also printed out the the list of roles and the descriptions. I found an empty studio in the art building and locked the door as I anxious awaited the call.

I spread out all of my notes and the role descriptions to have ready to look at in case I flubbed or panicked.
In the end I don't think that I ever said anything directly from my notes, but I think it was good to have thought about the process and questions as before hand. At least that is how my mind works, and how I will feel at ease about it.

First she introduced herself and explained how the interview was going to go, and there was someone listening and recording for training purposes, but we would be the only ones conversing.

She began by confirming my email address, and going over the Disney Look. (If someone doesn't comply by the time they arrive in Orlando, I really think they're more than one kind of stupid....)

She then asked why I wanted to work for Disney. I replied by explaining that I want to go forward to work in costuming for film and tv, and that having the opportunity to work for Disney in that department would be amazing, and a great learning experience. (but in a lot more words/detail, haha)

She asked about my work experience, to talk about each job a little, and to choose one to go in depth about why I like it, and something I have difficulty with at that position. I really, really love whereI work, so I think I got a bit carried away and talked kind of a lot about it, but that kind of excitement and passion is what they're looking for, right?! :D

After I shut my trap about my current job, she asked if I understood the wage scales, and the living situation. She also asked what problems/issues I'd have with the living situation. I replied that the only thing that would bother me is the no late guests, or overnight guests allowed. I explained that if my younger sister came to visit, it would be really hard for her to get a hotel room on her own, and that it would just be easier to have her stay, but I understood why it is the way it is.

She asked if I wanted the Fall Advantage, or the Fall program (Fall Advantage!), then she asked how I felt about being away from home for 7 months, and I replied that it would not be that unusual, as I already don't go home often.

We then went over the roles I ahd checked, and she asked if I would be interested in doing QSFB, custodial, or housekeeping. I politely declined QSFB and custodial, and said that I would be comfortable in housekeeping if it were my only chance to participate in such an amazing program. She asked why only housekeeping, and I tried to explain why I thought that it would be best for me. I feel like it is "safer" in a way than custodial, that I would be doing more repetitive work, that crazy out of the ordinary things are more likely to happen out in the parks. I also like to reset things to the way they were before, even when I stay in hotels on trips. Things need to go back to where they go... I think I'm a tiiiiiiny bit OCD over things like that... at least on others' property, it's a strange compulsion (but I didn't dare word it like that to her, lol)

She asked what I thought the housekeeping role was, and I said that it would be to reset, freshen, and clean every area of the room. I know that it's also tending to guests' requests and stocking, but I'm not sure if I remembered to say that.....

She then asked me to rank my choices: 1 - Costuming, 2 - Character Attendant, 3 - Photopass photog, 4 - Merch.... and I guess 5 - Housekeeping.

We then talked about each role, and she asked role-specific questions.
  • What experience do you have with costuming?
  • Are you comfortable working a checkout system and handling large amounts of clothing?
  • Why do you want this role?
Character Attendant:
  • Why do you want this role?
Photopass Photographer:
  • Why do you want this role?
  • What photography experience do you have?
  • Do you have experience handling cash?
  • Have you ever been in a strong sales environment?
  • If you were very involved in your work, and a customer was about to get your attention when the phone rang, who would you attend to first? (tricky tricky)
  • Do you feel comfortable handling large amounts of bedding?
  • How do you feel about cleaning/tidying up after others?
That is all I can remember... if I think of other questions she asked, I'll be sure to list them.

I know I talked a LOT about Costuming and Character Attendant, but I don't know if it was me explaining long answers or her asking a lot of questions... ):

After talking about the roles, she reconfirmed my information, and gave me the oppurtunity to ask her some questions.

I asked if she was always in recruiting. her answer: Good question! I am a grad of the College Program myself! 1994, way back, I know, haha  I actually graduated from your University! (I work in the library there, and she remembered it, and we talked about how the area has changed for a few minutes)
She said it was really good to talk to someone there, and that it was really random for her to ahve gotten me, lol

I then asked her the statistical question of "how many people apply vs. get in?" and she honestly didn't know. Then we talked about my university some more, lol

All in all, I feel really good aobut it, and she seemed to really like me... a good sign? And it was 28 minutes long! That's nearly 10 minutes more than what I have seen a lot of people say they spent on their interviews! :D

I feell really good about it, and now the waiting game starts!

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