Sunday, March 06, 2011


I may have jumped the gun on making this blog. I don't even know if I'll get in....

So tomorrow at 3:30, I'll have my interview.
I've been reading a lot of blogs about other peoples' experiences and the tips that they provided.

I'm still nervous as all get out though.
This is what will make or break the recruiters' decision on if I'm accepted to the program. I really wish I knew more about how they choose who gets in and how they assign roles.
Is it really just luck of the draw? Do they look at who is a senior, and this is the last time they could participate? Do they look at your major and future interests?

I just hope I don't get the dreaded QSFB question. I think I'll say that I would honestly do Housekeeping  over QSFB or Custodial, but if that is my only chance to participate, I would gladly take the opportunity.
I don't even have any experience in Food Prep, either, so I'm not even sure if I would be much of a help if I were cast in that role...

I just hope I get accepted for something! At this point the College Program is the only plan that I have for the upcoming future. I missed all of the deadlines of the grad schools I was looking at, back in January. If I don't get in, I plan on going back to my hometown and working through a temp agency to make some money before moving.

My dream is to work in costuming for movies. I want to move to either NYC or LA to try for my goal.
I would be happy just working in the shops, I have no desire to be billed as "Costume Designer" and I will leave that title to those who care about the glory. Going through the Disney College Program in costuming would help me in so many ways to reach my goal, it isn't even funny. To say that I have worked in wardrobe  for a company as prominent and HUGE as Disney will make me look awesome.

AAAAHHHHHHH only 15 hours!

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