Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Email!!

Guess what I got last night?

I can't tell you how excited I am! I got my first choice!
I seriously went "WOOOOOOOO!" Several times (and very loud), as my friend and boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy, before I told them I was accepted to the College Program, haha

When I first read the email, I just saw the purple, and didn't even read it for what role, or if I Fall Advantage or Fall 2011. They asked what I got, and I didn't even know for a couple of minutes of WOOOOO-ing...

I'm going to accept the June 13th check in date, if it's not full by the time I can pay the $305 and get to a Windows computer (I'm a Mac girl...)

My family and friends seem really excited for me, which I wasn't really expecting from everyone. There are a few people I expected to get some negativity from, so I kept it a secret that I was applying to the program until I knew either way if I got in or not.

Now that everyone knows, they seem pretty happy for me :)
My boyfriend says he's happy, but I'm not sure how he really feels. I know that I will miss him a lot, I've lived with him for the past 2 years, so it will be a lot of adjusting to roommates and being away from him again. I'll especially miss our cat. My boyfriend can come visit, but my cat can't, which will be hard for me. I'm used to sleeping with my kitty, and I can imagine it will hard to get used to sleeping without him again ):

Now that I know that I am accepted into the program, I can start planning on how I'll be moving my things back home that I'm not taking to WDW, and figuring out out how I'll be getting to Florida in June with my junk....

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